About Us

Who are we?

At the Wicked Butterfly, our goal is to intrigue, entice, seduce, and conquer the needs and wants of our clients.  From Lingerie to Adult - we cover every base needed to guarantee a home run evening!  We carry thousands of items in our store and are constantly adding to our collection.  Browse our catalog, like us, follow us, share us - we don't mind.  We hope to always be your "go to" for any and all desires imagined.

Who are we really?

Wicked Butterfly is one the nation’s preferred marketer of lingerie, novelties, and adult products with over 23,000 products in our inventory and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. 

We know toys, we know sex, and we love what we do!  We are the new kid on the block and have been welcomed with open arms.  With only 5 years under our belt, we have gone from an Ebay, Amazon, and Bonanza store to this beautiful website!  Through your ideas, feedback, and request – we have watched Wicked Butterfly morph into The Wicked Butterfly – Adult Playground and Wicked Butterfly – Lingerie and Party Novelties.  We have even watched each of those sites change their style, content, and stock based on our surveys and email suggestions.

In 2016, we acquired two additional stores, growing our audience, our reach, and supporting our mission to bring pleasure, ecstasy, temptation, and joy to each and every bedroom (car, backyard, kitchen counter, shower, field, etc.) on this beautiful planet.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, reliability, social responsibility, and trust.  Our audience is made up of all kinds of wonderful individuals – male, female (born or identifying), gay, straight (and all walks in between), earthling or alien – we love you all and welcome each and every one of you to our store.  No judgment, just support.  We have something for everyone and if we don’t – just ask and we will try our best to find it.

So why did we open?

With all of the adult toy stores out there, why add to it?  What could be we possibly offer that was any different from Lovehoney, She-Vibe, Adam & Eve, PinkCherry, or any of the other mainstream stores?  Simple – we are small, we are intimate, we show our love and support to every email, every phone call, every inquiry.  We have a small, close knit staff that talks to our audience – not just auto-posts.  We welcome the newbies, the timid, the intimidated who don’t know what to do, they just need someone to hold their hands.  We have worked hard to build trust in our community, with our customers, suppliers, distributors, brands, reviewers, affiliates – everyone who has given us the honor and privilege of working with or beside them.  The adult industry has a bad reputation for being slimy, shady, and extremely questionable (morally and ethically in terms of business deals).  We aren’t a fly-by night operation, a pop-up store that disappears before the ink has a chance to set on your receipt.  We are here and we are committed to you. Loyalty is a privilege – not a right.  We are exceptionally honored when we have repeat orders, repeat customers, recommendations, shout-outs, and more.  Our customers know that we have their best interest in mind.  We are fair, we are honest, we stand by our word, and your privacy and security is of utmost importance!

Why do we have two stores?  Wouldn’t be easier to have one?

In a more open minded society – yes!  Unfortunately, we do not live in that time (yet) so we needed to make sure we had a work friendly site that complemented our not friendly for work site (WFS vs. NFWS).  We have individuals who want to browse for a piece of lingerie (just like visiting Victoria Secret) or a quick gag gift (like shopping at Spencer’s) without having to hide the toy recommendation on the page (or quickly shut down the browser because someone walked in).  By having two stores, this allows everyone to shop whenever, wherever.  Want to drink coffee at Starbuck's and browse our site?  Now you can!

You still aren’t convinced why you should stop with us. Why us?

We offer 100% stellar customer service.  We try our best to return all emails and phone calls within the same working business day.  Sometimes we get a little overwhelmed and if we do, you will always receive a sincere apology when we respond the next day (unless the spam goblins hijacked your email – in that case – we will respond as soon as we find it!)  We treat every order as if it is your first order, even if it is your 100th!  We treat every customer as if they had a million other options (because – let’s face it – you do!)  We have after hour and weekend customer service agents available by email to answer any and all order related questions.  If you need answers, you will get them!  We do believe in holidays (sorry – we are human) and we want our staff to have time to rest and be with their families so we may not be available during those times (we will always keep you posted). 

We offer competitive pricing within the regulations of our manufacturers.  We work directly with the manufacturers of some of the hottest brands out there (Fleshlight, Womanizer, Njoy, Lelo).  This means we have to adhere to their pricing policies. We would love to offer their items at the lowest prices on the internet; however, if we did – we wouldn’t be permitted to sell them anymore (and we believe you want the real thing and not some knock-off!)  We bring such a unique selection to your computer screen that you may not find this combination of items anywhere else.  We are very honest and ethical about our pricing.  We offer coupons, flash sales, free shipping, and more via coupon codes in our newsletters and/or on our site.  We are more than happy to attempt to price match an item that does not have a MAP/MSRP restriction, is from a reputatable site and is authentic. 

Our shipping prices are unbelievable!  $6.99 flat rate shipping – no matter how much you buy!  Granted, it isn’t as good as Amazon Prime but it is pretty amazing.  We even offer free shipping on domestic orders totaling $50 or more! 

The most important reason to shop with us is that we take discretion and privacy very seriously.  Your purchases are your business!  All purchases are shipped in a plain brown box with no indicators of what is inside.  We make every effort to process your order the same business day (if received by 2pm) or next day.  This allows our warehouse enough time to get all orders prepped and shipped - error-free.  All transactions are secured via SSL, we do not share your information, and even our billing on your credit card statement appears discreetly!

We mentioned something about social responsibility?

We wouldn’t be who we are and where we are if it wasn’t for our community; therefore, we believe in giving back.  Whether it is donating to a GoFund to assist with college or funeral expenses, KickStarter to help someone’s dream come true, or donating to one of our favorite or suggested charities (Wounded Warriors, RAINN, MusiCorps, Habitat for Humanities, etc.) – we love giving back.


We welcome your questions about who we are!  If we missed something and you would like to learn more about us - just ask!  You can learn even more on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.